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EnergyFlow, LifeDesign, nervous system regulation, limbic system, procrastination, perfectionism, anxiety, self-doubt, overwhelm

EnergyFlow Module 1 "Aware"

€ 55

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Here's what you will get:

Access to "Aware", which is module 1 of EnergyFlow, a cutting edge nervous system mastery course. Access to the course and membership area will be granted on 16th October at the latest!

Upgrade to the full course to also get this:

3 more kick-ass modules
Bonus 1: Telegram group 6 weeks FREE
Bonus 2: 2 x Q&A live calls
Bonus 3: Alignment practice


"I am so touched and totally blown away by your openness and authenticity and the love you put into this course, which can be felt in every word! Even though I've only gone through half of the modules yet, I've already learned and experienced so much that it's easily worth ten times the amount I invested. EnergyFlow is definitely life changing - on so many levels."

Nadja Bobik

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