Nervous system mastery

Liberate yourself from overwhelm, fatigue, anxiety, emotional trauma and even chronic pain & symptoms.

Be reborn and step into your new era of boundless energy, certainty and inner calm.

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Nadja Bobik - Mentor for emotional writers

 What do perfectionism, long covid, depression, autoimmune diseases and self-doubt have in common? 

Nothing at first glance. But at the root they all have an IMPAIRED LIMBIC SYSTEM and a DYSREGULATED NERVOUS SYSTEM. Many - often chronic - physical, emotional or mental symptoms are ongoing survival responses in our nervous system! 

Reclaim your nervous system

So many high achievers, sensitive, heartfelt and visionary entrepreneurs fall into deep exhaustion or suffer from anxiety, cPTSD, burnout, sleep problems or chronic symptoms. Suddenly nothing works anymore and nothing is as it used to be. The list of symptoms and diagnoses gets longer over time, performance decreases, so does resilience, and the world becomes smaller and smaller. And no one understands what's going on, not doctors, not our families and friends. Not even we can explain it ourselves. 

Believe me, I know how that feels!

That's why I created EnergyFlow

Free yourself from stagnation, physical symptoms, old emotional programming, trauma and stress and reclaim your energy, power and health.

Uncover root causes

What controls and perpetuates your seemingly unrelated symptoms 

End shutdown

How to end the "shutdown" and start "living" again - with intention and faith.

Regulate your NS

How to regulate your nervous system and realign your limbic system.

Regain confidence

How to regain your self-confidence and, above all, trust YOURSELF and your body again.

Transform old patterns

How to transform old patterns of self-sabotage (procrastination, self-doubt, overwhelm, perfectionism...)

Take back power

How to let go of everything that is currently blocking you or taking you out of your power!

What difference would that make in your life?

What others are saying


"Nervous system regulation and brain retraining have changed my life! Not only was I able to resolve chronic symptoms but unintentionally also my allergies disappeared (!). I am permanently happier, more balanced and have better relationships with myself and others. Highly transformative!"

Roland Sier

Here's the difference it made in my life... my healing journey through chronic illness in pictures, from normal to sick to truly liberated!

Hi, I'm Catherine...

I was successful as a purpose and business coach, living my dream life & business, with my dream partner on my dream island... then the shutdown came.

All of a sudden an accidental diagnosis of Hashimotos' (autoimmune disease) combined with stress and miscarriages had thrown my body into hormonal chaos.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, leaky gut, anxiety and panic attacks, sleep disorders, periodontal disease, etc. were just a few of my 30+ symptoms & diagnoses.

A new week, a new health problem. It felt never-ending. The desperation grew, as did the helplessness. I went from a healthy, vibrant human to non-stop visits at doctors, practitioners, healers physiotherapists, specialists, psychologists... at some point I even ended up in the emergency room and finally in hospital for a month.

I had exhausted all my options. For 2 years prior to that I had tried everything from celery juice cleanses, mindfulness, therapy, restricting foods and taking medications and supplements. Nothing really helped.

Today I know why...

Our bodies are stuck in a chronic Fight, Flight, Freeze or Fawn (FFFF) state!

And do you know what our bodies don't do in this state? Digest, produce hormones, heal wounds, fight inflammation, think positive, release serotonin... because our body thinks we have to fight for survival first and prepare for an upcoming struggle.

Especially after triggers such as stress, trauma, accidents, breakups, (viral) diseases, loss of loved ones, financial pressure, emotional strain... our body can chronically get stuck in FFFF without us noticing.

Often this happens on a spectrum.

EnergyFlow, spectrum, limbic impairment, nervous system regulation, trauma, cPTSD

EnergyFlow is life-changing!

End chronic Fight / Flight

We gently end the shutdown by getting our nervous system out of FFFF physically, emotionally and mentally!

Creating new-found resilience

EnergyFlow takes you on a journey from "This is too much." to "Bring it on, it's been a while since I've had a proper challenge 😜".

Changing automatic patterns

Using neuroplasticity we retrain our limbic brain and reset our alarm centre (amygdala). So instead of fear you respond with calm trust and confidence.

Expand Adult Main Personality

By reparenting our nervous system we can increase the capacity of our healthy adult self. This is a huge game-changer!

That is exactly what we are doing in EnergyFlow!

EnergyFlow, nervous system mastery for entrepreneurs, brain retraining, neuroplasticity

Everything you need to turn physical and emotional stagnation back into energy.

EnergyFlow, LifeDesign, nervous system regulation, limbic system, procrastination, perfectionism, anxiety, self-doubt, overwhelm

What's inside?

Module 1 "Aware" is also available separately

Module 1
Nervous System Basics

All the nervous system basics! How your limbic brain operates and how it controls your nervous system to understanding how trauma effects our emotional patterns. 

Module 2
Creating capacity

Creating capacity in your nervous system and widening your window of tolerance - emotionally and physically. These tools are so simple yet incredibly effective ❤️

Module 3
Brain Retraining

This neuroplasticity technique is mind-blowing! With a simple step by step process, we get to rewire our protective coping patterns and change our state completely.

Module 4
True Behavioural Shifts

Locking in all your transformations, this is where we hardwire your TRUE SELF into your everyday life and personality. You get to be who you truly are.

EnergyFlow course

But that's not enough, you'll also get these bonuses!

Private Telegram Group

Access to the EnergyFlow Community Telegram Group FREE for the first 6 weeks (€33 per month thereafter). You get to ask personalised questions, practice exercises and brain retraining rounds with others (PRICELESS!). Incredibly healing and inspiring. You will never want to miss this group again.

2 x Live Q&A Calls

Catherine shares her story, how she healed and how she skyrocketed her business afterwards. Today she embodies a truly mind-blowing vision of self-advocacy, compassion and lovingly reparenting yourself. She gives tons of practical advice. So ask away, no holding back.

Alignment Practice

To anchor new behaviour, Catherine created her own life-changing (morning) alignment practice, which she shares in this bonus module. THIS IS THE WORK that enabled her to stay in her highest energy with unshakeable confidence and turn her life and business around completely.

Your investment: € 999

True value: PRICELESS!


"I am so touched and totally blown away by your openness and authenticity and the love you put into this course, which can be felt in every word! Even though I've only gone through half of the modules yet, I've already learned and experienced so much that it's easily worth ten times the amount I invested. EnergyFlow is definitely life changing - on so many levels."

Nadja Bobik

Mentor for emotional writing

Module 1 "Aware"

The "knowledge" module, including all the mind-blowing basics to understanding our limbic and nervous system.

Modules 2-3 "Transform"

3 live trainings via Zoom (incl. recordings on the membership site) to put you in full transformation mode.

Module 4 "Anchor"

Anchor everything you have learned by stepping into your true chosen personality.

BONUS 1: Telegram

This Telegram group is priceless. Connection and co-regulation are pillars of this journey.

BONUS 2: 2 x Q&A calls

2 live calls via Zoom with Catherine to ask all your questions.

BONUS 3: Alignment

Alignment is something we get into every day... this is a life-changing way to do it.


We start live 10th Jan 2024

Understanding physical, mental and emotional patterns
Nervous system regulation
Vagus nerve training
Brain Retraining
Co-regulate together

€ 999

One time payment.
Payment plan also available.

How life changes with EnergyFlow...


You try to turn things around, to move forward, stay positive, gather your strength again and again but it's a rollercoaster of ups and downs with symptoms, your work, health, life etc.
You get overwhelmed by energy lows or emotions. For some it's fear of "what if it doesn't get better" or fear of failure. For others it is anger, disappointment, pain, resistance, exhaustion etc.
You often have to cancel things, postpone launches, put off friends... because you need time for yourself, you're exhausted, you have to recuperate.
Some traits about yourself annoy you. If only you could change them... maybe you see yourself as unreliable, unpunctual, chaotic, procrastinating, distracting yourself with Netflix, not taking action etc.
One health problem after another pops up. At first it's just small things, but something isn't right. You try everything from diet changes to supplements and meditation. But it doesn't really get any better.


There is no longer any need to "turn things around". You are in full flow, it feels wonderfully natural, powerful, confident and above all consciously chosen & self-determined.
Your "window of tolerance" feels huge, you can handle everything and you know exactly how to transform emotions, even your physical state, within minutes.
It has become part of your new state of BEING to ALWAYS compassionately take care of your true needs. You have so much new energy, for yourself and others!
You finally understand where certain behaviour comes from and that it was always intended as a protective mechanism. You finally have the power to change your patterns and identity intentionally and without any willpower, push or shove.
You don't even notice it at first, but everything calms down, your body recovers, symptoms and struggles suddenly start to disappear, blood levels normalise, you're permanently more happy and joyful.

Any more questions?

Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. Still need more infos on something specific? Please send an email to

Who's EnergyFlow for?

For all wonderful, courageous visionaries who are struggling with physical and emotional challenges. We work a lot with entrepreneurs, but anyone who knows about stress-related symptoms, exhaustion or things like self-doubt and self-sabotage and wants to move forward is welcome!

How long is the EnergyFlow course and how does it work?

EnergyFlow runs over the course of 6 weeks with 4 live trainings and 2 Q&A calls in between. All live trainings will be uploaded to the exclusive membership area, where you will have unlimited access (as long as this website and the programme exist - minimum 3 years). In between you can ask questions in the private Telegram group or meet fellow retrainers for buddy rounds and co-regulation exercises. After the initial 6 weeks, you can extend your stay in the Telegram group for € 33 / month.

How does the Telegram group work? What do we do there?

The Telegram group is awesome! All EnergyFlow participants who take part in the entire 6 week program (not those testing module 1 "Aware") have access. The group is self-managed, but Catherine regularly loves to occasionally share new insights & inspirations or participate in brain retraining sessions or nervous system exercises. You can also ask questions and get pesonalised audio replies from her. If you want to practice one of the exercises you have learned during the trainings, you message the group and find other people to do the exercise together for 2-3 minutes. As a result, the methods are even more effective and the participants "co-regulate" with each other. You can also find training partners for brain retraining rounds of 15-30 minutes there. The effect of retraining together is incredible.

How can I test module 1 "Aware" and how much does it cost?

You can test module 1 for the special price of € 55 by clicking HERE and completing the payment process. After payment you will receive an e-mail with your access details. You have permanent access to module 1, but the other modules remain locked. You can upgrade to the full version of the course at any time at the then valid price (no right to special offers).

Module 1 is the knowledge module, where all the background and processes are explained in a very simple and easy-to-understand way... why do we procrastinate, doubt ourselves, become exhausted or develop autoimmune diseases. You will gain great understanding of your own patterns and how they form in the limbic brain and nervous system. The practical part and implementation begins with module 2.

What if I am really ill... can I do EnergyFlow?

Yes. Catherine started Brain Retraining after not/barely sleeping for a week and completely collapsing. However, if you are seriously ill you have to adjust your pace and expectations. You will most likely need longer with the individual modules and sometimes changes will only appear gradually (but it is also possible that you will see improvements from day 1!). Everyone is different, but as long as you put in the effort and time and are patient with yourself, nothing stands in the way of your participation and your success. Please be aware that EnergyFlow is NOT medical advice but lifestyle and wellness education. Please see and work with a qualified doctor or practitioner to resolve any medical issues you have. However a calm limbic system and a regulated nervous system can be a great addition to any medical treatment you are going through.

What if I am NOT ill... and just want to scale my business and transform unhelpful patterns (like procrastination etc.)?

Yeah baby, then you are very welcome! EnergyFlow helps you to transform your mental brakes, self-doubt and sabotaging behaviour into clarity, confidence and inner calm. So that you can be the shining light and North star that you truly want to be in your business and for your customers. It is not uncommon that once your energy, joy and certainty increase with EnergyFlow, so do your sales.

I can't afford the programme, but I would really need it. What can I do?

Catherine wants to make EnergyFlow accessible to as many people as possible because she knows what it's like when you just don't see a way out and no light at the end of the tunnel. Write an email to and explain your situation. There are always ways. Sometimes we are able to offer a discount, a quid pro quo deal and/or need help with something.


The freedom and flow to live your purpose, change lives and get paid for BEING YOU!

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