Easy Magnetic Offers that sell! By Catherine LifeDesign


Easy Magnetic Offers... that sell!

How to turn your experience into a super simple offer, that is easy to sell, high-value for your clients and leaves them wanting more!

Valued at € 222! See what participants had to say ❤️

Easy Magnetic Offers that sell is mind blowing. By Catherine LifeDesign

Your offer is the foundation of your business. No offer. No business. No matter if you are on the road to 5-, 6- or 7-figures your offer or shall we say suite of offers is the KEY.

There is a simple strategy to creating digital products that make it incredibly EASY for you and incredibly VALUABLE for your clients. Your offer becomes magnetic when it truly nurtures your clients and makes them want to go all the way with you! It turns fans into committed and loyal clients who are ready to pay you NOW because they FEEL that connection and just KNOW you are the right fit for them and vice versa.

I have created so many different offers, from video courses to premium mentorships, group programs and masterclasses.

I’m going to show you the easiest and most effective way I found, to get your soulmate clients into your world and onto your offer ladder... so they will be clients for years to come.

Easy Magnetic Offers by Catherine LifeDesign
Easy Magnetic Offers by Catherine LifeDesign

What you get:

5 Audio Trainings

Topics included: 1) "Permission to break ALL the rules, 2) Types of products and how to increase sales / cashflow, 3) Examples to monetize yourself, what content to include in your magnetic offer and how to choose what (offer) idea to go with first, 4) Easy landing page alternatives... for extra simplicity to make your new offer available fast, 5) How I take my purpose & mission and structure it into offers and how I price everything 😍 

Action steps & journal prompts

At the end of each training I will give you actionable steps and/or journal prompts so you can get clear on your own offer & what you want to create.

Bonus trainings

I have include a few high value bonus audios, as I love to share the nitty-gritty and behind the scenes of what has worked for me in the past, e.g. "Audience growth... for when you want to makes sales and reach new people fast", "Going from idea to visuals"

Valued at € 222! See what participants had to say ❤️


The freedom and flow to live your purpose, change lives and get paid for BEING YOU!

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