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The freedom and flow to live your purpose, change lives and get paid for BEING YOU!

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Living your Purpose

Screw intellectualised business ideas, cookie-cutter products and soul-less marketing... because somebody said that's what works these days. You are a rockstar visionary and born to lead from your soul and intuition. Find out what you came here to do and DO THAT!

Soul Business

I want you to get paid for BEING YOU and all the unique, weird and wonderful ways you enrich this planet. I see business as a pathway to do the work (the true inner healing and growing) and sharing it with the world. The value we create for others by pioneering is simply insane.

Mastering Emotions

Big visions, massive impact and getting your message in front of millions requires unprecedented capacity in your nervous system. Let's heal overwhelm, procrastination, fear, fatigue and self-sabotage by learning how to hold space for our desires, high visibility & abundance. 


What others are saying:

"Thank you Catherine for helping me to find my heart's calling and turn it into a real business with so much joy and ease ❀

Nadine Sorgenfrei


First payment received from a client πŸ’°Thank you universe πŸ™ Now you know the way. I have created space for more πŸ§²πŸ’–

Andrea Karasz



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Freedom Business Audit


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Easy Magnetic Offers...
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Ready to create an offer that is SUPER SIMPLE, highly VALUABLE to your clients and FUN for you to deliver? Join this kick-ass inspiring 5 day audio incubator.

Is your nervous system blocking your success?


What do procrastination, long covid, perfectionism, autoimmune diseases, anxiety & self-doubt have in common? A dysregulated nervous system at the core... find out if you are affected!


Hi, I'm Catherine...

And I have been obsessed with freedom and "designing" my life as long as I can think. Well actually mostly since I suffered a lot of narcissistic and emotional abuse as a teenager and DIDN'T have any freedom to be who I was.

I had no idea that my childhood experiences made me develop limbic coping mechanisms that would trigger my nervous system into constant survival mode (fight, flight, freeze). It showed up in my business as procrastination, overwhelm, perfectionism, ADHD, fear, doubt and self-sabotage etc. Then all of a sudden my health collapsed and I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, anxiety, cPTSD (complex trauma), depression and 28 (!) other crazy diagnoses & symptoms. 
I thought I was going to die at 41.

Until I discovered nervous system regulation and brain retraining. Within 6 months I healed, became symptom-free, energetic, joyful... normal again!

So I applied the same principles and tools that I had used to heal my body & soul to my business... and it friggin changed EVERYTHING!

My mission is to help you create your life and business from a space of flow and intuition with embodied freedom of time, money and emotions. Ready to join me?

Catherine Lifedesign

Business is a pathway to do the inner work (the true inner healing and growing) and making it available to the world. 



"Inspired Soul"

Jammin' with my idols, famous coaches, authors and kick-ass entrepreneurs on HOW THEY GET INSPIRED to do the things they do! What are their secrets, their hands-on tools, ahas and best practice advice?



My writing comes straight from my soul... I love to journal in the morning and often I turn these eye-opening revelations into blog articles πŸ˜ 

want my

Free Morning Alignment Meditation?

Getting stressed out and overwhelmed is SO EASY! It definitely used to be my default mode. After crashing and burning, I decided that something needed to change. I wanted to create a space and life for me, my body and my business to THRIVE. That's why I make getting into alignment in the morning my number one thing. Feel free to borrow my calming and inspiring alignment practice to get you going, turn fear and protective mechanisms into flow and reset to soul.

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The freedom and flow to live your purpose, change lives and get paid for BEING YOU!

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Getting into alignment every day... you are going to love it!

Borrow my morning alignment practice and be the person you want to be NOW. What would that look like to embody YOU fully?

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"Easy Magnetic Offers... that sell!"

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